Recruiter & Job Placement Specialist

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Position Summary Information

Position to be Filled Recruiter & Job Placement Specialist
PVA Number 17-048
Employment Type Temporary Full Time (TFT)
Months Per Year Twelve (12) Months
Salary $2,112/month
Minimum Required Education/Training

A minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Truck Driving Training, Business, Marketing, or related field.

Minimum Required Experience

Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

Preferred Education/Training, Experience, Skills

A Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or a related field is preferred.
 Previous experience in admissions recruitment or non-durable goods sales experience is preferred.
 Previous experience in customer service, marketing, recruitment, job placement, and database management,
preferably in higher education, is preferred.

Special Instructions to Applicants

This is a 1-year grant funded position.

 This job requires a significant amount of travel (>50%), including multiple overnight trips across the state of North Carolina.

A clean driving record is required.

submitted in addition to the application.

Application Deadline 11/23/2017

Extended Job Description


Recruit new students (focusing on veterans and active military, including spouses and children) for the Truck Driving
Training Program in accordance with the mission, goals, and policies of the College. Network with local and state
employers related to the Truck Driving Training Program. Responsibilities include recruitment, identification of
employment opportunities, employer site visits, military base and veterans center site visits, job placement, planning,
presentations, enrollment assistance, and database management.

Supervision Received/Exercised

 Receives direction from the Chair of Vocational Technology.
 May assist with functional and technical supervision over clerical staff, work-study students, and ambassadors.

Essential Functions

Specific goals of the Recruiter and Job Placement Specialist will include: (1) increasing enrollment of the Truck
Driving Training Program focusing on veterans and active military, including their spouses and children; (3)
creating networking opportunities with local and state-wide employers; and finding jobs for program graduates.
 Provide information regarding admissions requirements and Truck Driving Training Program benefits to
prospective students via phone, mail and personal visits; follow up with mail or phone calls, as appropriate.
 Deliver enthusiastic, educational CFCC approved presentations to individuals and groups.
 Develop professional rapport with veterans and active military, including spouses and children, and institute a
military base and veteran center visitation plan that will offer consistent customer service.
 Develop professional rapport with truck driving related employers across the state of North Carolina. Contact and
meet employers and/or employer human resources staff to explain the benefits of CFCC’s Truck Driving Training
 Meet with the Truck Driving Training Program Director on a regular basis to discuss recruitment and job
 Visit businesses/industries to discuss educational opportunities with employees or employee groups to enhance
their current skills and/or better prepare them for advancement within their organizations.
 Maintain awareness of new developments within the Truck Driving Training Program.
 Work with the Public Information Officer and the Truck Driving Training Program Director in developing
marketing strategies, as well as publications to be used in the recruitment process.
 Maintain detailed communications campaign including supply of recruitment materials to include postcards,
brochures, view books, applications and other pertinent print items as requested.
 Communicate with the Chair of Vocational Technology concerning suggestions from prospective students and
business and industry.
 Participate in the enforcement of the Rights and Privacy Act.
 Carry out responsibilities with limited supervision.

Other Important Functions
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Ability To

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  2. * Describe your experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

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